Top 7 Bra Styles Every Curvy Woman Should Own

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Women who have a curvy figure need clothing and lingerie that flatters the figure and helps them feel comfortable. Women will likely need several different types of bras to go with different clothing styles and to accommodate participation in various events and activities. This guide will provide describe seven different bra styles that every curvy woman should own, as well as provide some tips for ensuring that the bra fits correctly.

1. Full Cup Bra with an Underwire

A full cup bra with an underwire is an essential piece of lingerie for every curvy woman. The underwire provides the additional support necessary for women with a larger cup size. Most full cup bras have a three-section design, allowing for greater capacity and better coverage. They come up higher than some other bra styles, providing complete support and security for the wearer. In addition, full cup bras with an underwire typically have strong bands with wide side wings that are designed to be more supportive. Sometimes the wiring extends in the side wings for optimum support.

2. Non-Wired Soft Cup Bra

Bras with an underwire offer support and shaping, but they can sometimes be uncomfortable. For casual days spent relaxing at home with family, a soft cup bra without an underwire may be a better choice. Soft cup bras may incorporate additional thickness to provide support in trouble spots. Since they can be both supportive and comfortable, soft cup bras are a better choice for women who have recently undergone some type of surgery or who are recuperating from all illness.

A unique kind of soft cup bra, the maternity bra, is appropriate for women who are currently breastfeeding. Maternity bras usually include a movable flap or panel over each breast, allowing easy access so the baby can nurse. This style typically includes additional coverage and padding within each cup.

3. Strapless Bra

Some curvy women may be nervous about wearing a strapless bra. However, many excellent, supportive styles of strapless bras exist for women of all different sizes. Many styles, such as halter tops, off – the – shoulder or one – shoulder shirts, tube tops,tank tops with spaghetti straps, strapless evening gowns, and sundresses may look tacky when paired with a regular bra. To wear these styles with class, women will need to invest in a good strapless bra. For their strapless bra, curvy women will need a wide, supportive band and a cup style with a three-section design for maximum support. This design will keep everything in place even without the benefit of straps. Buyers should ensure that the cups and band of their strapless bra have rubber strips for a better grip on the skin.

4. Sports Bra

Curvy women who enjoy being fit and active will need a supportive sports bra. Without a sports bra, breast tissue and ligaments may become permanently stretched and damaged during a vigorous workout. When such damage occurs, women often suffer from pain as well as a sagging bustline. A good sports bra provides strong support and movement control during sports and other types of exercise, preserving the health and form of the breasts.

Before choosing a sports bra, women should consider the type of exercise and activities that they plan to do. The more energetic the activity, the more supportive the bra will need to be. The following chart lists the typical impact level designations for sports bras and compares them with the activities for which they would work well.


Bra Type


Low Impact

Hiking, Skiing

Medium Impact

Mountain Biking, Running

High Impact

The band of the sports bra needs to be wide and secure, but not so tight as to stretch the skin and tissue or interfere with the wearer’s breathing. Women should look for sports bras in racerback styles, since they usually supply greater support. However, if they would like adjustable straps, they should choose straps that are wide and strong. The straps should fit against the skin without pinching, constricting, or blistering it during exercise. A good sports bra should also have breathability, with the ability to wick away moisture from the wearer and enhance comfort during vigorous activity.

5. Form-Enhancing or Molded Bra

Many women like form-enhancing or molded bras because they take some of the guesswork out of shopping for bras. Molded bras are designed to create a uniform, smooth, ideal shape. These bras may have a more rigid shape that is created from stiff, contoured foam, or they may be a little softer to allow for more of the wearer’s natural shape to be seen. Women who have experienced a change in their figure due to breastfeeding, weight gain, weight loss, age, or other factors may want to consider this style as a staple of their lingerie drawer. It supplements whatever may be lacking in the shaping and structure of the bustline. Molded bras also provide their wearers with a seamless contour that looks smooth under clothing.

This bra style also includes push-up bras, a variation on the form-enhancing concept. Push – up bras include extra padding in the lower part of the bra cup to push the breasts upward and to enhance cleavage. These bras can add a perceived cup size or two to women who want to look more full-figured.

Some push-up bras are designed with special inserts containing gel or water. These inserts mimic the movement and feel of real breasts for a bra enhancement that appears more natural. This style is more expensive than a regular push-up bra.

6. Lacy Balconette Bra

Many women like to include a few more daring or sexy bras to their options. One such style that suits both curvy and petite styles is the balconette bra. This bra offers three-quarter coverage, less than a full cup but more than a demi cup. It usually includes a little padding in the cup, providing some extra lift and fullness for the wearer’s bosom. The straps on this bra are set wide apart, making it ideal for scoop necklines and other wide-necked styles. Many balconettes are adorned with lace, satin edging, tiny bows, or a combination of all three. They come in a variety of colors, from rich jewel tones to pastel shades. This bra is perfect for women who want a more revealing look while still maintaining a comfortable level of support.

7. Flesh-Toned or Nude Bra

Women should have at least one flesh-toned or nude bra in their lingerie collection. Some women purchase mostly flesh-toned bras, with one or two lacy exceptions. It is generally considered tacky to have a dark or vividly colored bra visible through a light-colored shirt. Nude bras vanish under clothing and can be worn with blouses and shirts in any color, even white. Flesh-toned bras also work well with thin, gauzy materials, allowing for a more sensual look while still providing adequate coverage.

Choosing the Right Bra Fit

Most women have difficulty selecting the right fit for their bras. In fact, studies have shown that many women wear the wrong bra size for years. Curvy women who are planning to shop for new bras should go for a fitting with a professional who can tell them precisely what cup size and band width they need. The band of the bra should fit smoothly against the wearer’s skin without causing the flesh of the back to bulge above and below the band. Women should choose a band that fits them perfectly on the widest setting. This will allow them the option of moving it to a tighter setting after several months, when the band’s elastic has stretched out too far for a snug fit.

Bra cups that wrinkle across the breast are likely too large, while those that cause bulging and overflow are too small. When the cups are the correct size, they should provide a smooth fit and sufficient coverage, with the top edge of the cups lying flat against the wearer’s skin. The outer curve of the underwire should also lay flat against the woman’s side, without digging into the sensitive skin under the arm.

Buying Bras on eBay

As a curvy woman, you will likely want to try on several bras in each style that you need before selecting the ones that you want. Once you know the exact size and model that you need, you can purchase one in a local department store or a lingerie boutique, or you go online to see if a website such as eBay may have what you are looking for.

When searching on eBay, start with a search for the type of bra you want, such as “balconette bra”, and save your search so that eBay can notify you whenever new listings for that bra style are posted. You can also locate the bra styles you need by selecting Fashion on eBay’s homepage, and then by clicking Women’s Clothing. Next, click Intimates and Sleep, and then select Bras and Bra Sets to see a number of available styles. From there, you can search by style, by size, by brand, by price range, and by other options.

As you browse, look for sellers with good feedback scores or the eBay Top Rated seller seal. These sellers are more likely to provide you with a satisfactory transaction experience. Remember to look for sellers that offer return policies, who offer free shipping, or who provide bundles or package deals. If you have questions about any of the bras, simply click Ask a Question in the listing. You can also go to the seller’s profile page and click Contact Member. Sellers are usually glad to supply more details and photos if buyers request them.


Women should ensure that their closet includes a sufficient number of bra options to fit every need and every occasion. Those with a curvy figure will want to invest in a nude or flesh-toned bra, a molded or form-enhancing bra, a lacy balconette bra, a sports bra, a strapless bra, a soft cup bra, and a full cup bra with underwire. With a professional fitting and a shopping session or two, curvy women will be able to select and purchase any new bras that they need to complete their lingerie collection.

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