11 Reasons Why Being A Curvy Girl Is Super Cool!

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I have often seen women fretting over their weight, keeping a strict tab on their diet, and envying skinny girls all the time! Well, it’s high-time we take a chill pill and learn to embrace our curves! Seriously, being curvy is kind of cool. In fact, there are a lot of upsides to being a curvy woman. Here are 11 reasons why being a curvy woman totally rocks!

1. A curvy body is the best type of body to fill up Indian attire. Be it salwar-dupatta combo, or a saree, Indian attire is tailor made for curvy women!


2. At the same time, curvy girls can fill up a pair of denims like nobody’s business!



3. Believe it or not, someone, somewhere is envious of your body type. Yes! There are tons of skinny women out there who’d love to have a curvier body.


4. Skinny jeans or hot pants might not be your thing, but the right dress will hang on your curves just perfectly.


5. Be proud. You are on the same page as the likes of Sonakshi Sinha, Huma Qureshi, and Parineeti, all of whom are this generation’s hottest actresses!


6. If we were to ever get knocked down, we have enough skin padding to save us from injuries. Funny, but true!


7. Rejoice ladies, a lot of men prefer curvier women. There might be equal takers for leaner girls, but your type is also appreciated by men.


8. You actually don’t have to count your calories. Or of others for that matter. Now, what’s a juice fast, again?


9. Curvy girls are bigger, hence, they are physically stronger. Tons of benefits there, do the math yourself!


10. And by the same logic, curvy women can hold their booze better.


11. According to scientific research, curvy girls are likely to be smarter and live longer. Oh Yeah!


Via Indiatimes

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